Three Pad Vacuum Lifter Lifting Frames
For Standard Three Pad Lifters – Capacity up to 3000 lb (1364 kg)


ANVER’S Standard Vacuum Lifters offer efficient material handling solutions by promoting functionality, safety, and ergonomic operations for a wide variety of applications and materials. Standard lifting frames are built to order from stock using modular components, so there are hundreds of possible combinations depending on the vacuum generator, beam, crossarms, and vacuum cups selected.

Basic features on ANVER’s Standard Horizontal Vacuum Lifters include: vacuum leakage sensor and warning system; attach/release slide valve with safety lock; and locking hand knobs on the adjustable vacuum pad, slide assemblies, and crossarms (when applicable).

ANVER Vacuum Lifters comply fully with and meet the standards of US ANSI ASME Standard B30.20 for below-the-hook lifting devices, as well as complying with OSHA and most European requirements.

The L300M3-61 three-pad lifting frame is ideal for handling carbon steel and stainless steel sheets and plates with a capacity up to 3000 lb (1364 kg). This lifting frame is compatible with an Electric-Powered Vacuum Generator. Available with Foam Pads for semi-porous / textured applications like wood, stone and diamond plate. Please note that Foam pads are not available for mechanical vacuum generators.

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*Lifting frame shown with vacuum generator and/or optional accessories, not included. Unit weight does not include optional equipment.

Standard Foam Seal Lifting Frames Specifications

Compatible Vacuum Generators
Mechanical Air, Electric or Battery* Electric Battery* Electric Battery*
M250M_190x154 VPF-57-AIR_190x129 VPE1-GEN2_190x275 BAE1-GEN2_190x213 VPE3-GEN2_400X467
M250M-Series VPF-57-Series VPE1-GEN2-Series BAE1-GEN2-Series VPE3-GEN2-Series BAE3-GEN2-Series
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Lifting Frame NumberL300M3-61FP
Rated Load Capacity [lbs (kg)]3000 (1364)
Unit Weight [lbs (kg)]240 (109)
A Pad Dimensions [in. (mm)]10 x 25 (254 x 635)
B Lifting Frame Headroom [in. (mm)]12 (305)
C Beam Length [in. (mm)]61 (1549)
D Standard Hardware Mtg. Centers [in. (mm)]9 (229)
D Inner Alternate Hardware Mtg. Centers [in. (mm)]12 (305)
D Outer Alternate Hardware Mtg. Centers [in. (mm)]22.38 (568)
E Pad Distances Maximum [in. (mm)]65 (1651)
E Pad Distances Minimum [in. (mm)]40 (1016)
Maximum Sheet Size [ft (M)]7 x 6 (2.1 x 1.8)
Seal NumberFR100250
Optional Parking StandsPS-150-3X6

*Battery powered vacuum generators are only recommended when handling non-porous loads. 

Various plate sizes can be handled by adjusting the vacuum pad positions on the beam

Vacuum pads in maximum position to handle maximum plate size.

Vacuum pads moved inwards to handle minimum plate size.

Center vacuum pad (1/3 capacity) used for short, narrow plates. Outer pads provided with shut-off valves.

Installation General Information Safety
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