Custom Heavy Mill-Duty Vacuum Lifters
Metal and Other Heavy Industries – Capacity up to 18000 lb (8165 kg)

The L1800M10-396-5/68FX ten-pad lifting frame is ideal for handling carbon steel and stainless steel sheets and plates with a capacity up to 18000 lb (8165 kg). This lifting frame is compatible with Mechanical, Self-powered Vacuum Generators.

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Custom Heavy Mill-Duty Lifter
Capacity: 18000 lb (8165 kg)

Model #:  M1800M10-396-5/68FX
Description:  Mechanical Vacuum Generator with Telescoping Parking Stands
Application:  Lifting & Handling Steel Sheet 40 ft x 12 ft (12.2 m x 0.5 m) up to 18000 lb (8165 kg)

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