Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems
Handling Various Materials and Special Applications

ANVER offers numerous configurations of tube sizes, pad attachments, and control handles for a wide variety of applications and various material. Click on any of the images below to review the vacuum tube lifting system specifications.
Various Other Applications

Vacuum Tube Lifter
Handles Odd-Shaped Loads

Vacuum Tube Lifter
Handles Aluminum Fan Cowls

Vacuum Tube Lifter
Handles Water Heating Casings

Vacuum Tube Lifter
Handles Cardboard Wrapped Furniture

VT180-2.5-A with 76400378

Vacuum Tube Lifter
for Heavy Shrink-Wrapped Goods

Vacuum Tube Lifter
Custom End Effector Protects Loads
ANVER Pallet Lifting Attachment for Vacuum Tube Lifters
Lifting Pallets
ANVER Ergonomic Vacuum Lifter Handles Porous Loads
Ergonomic Vacuum Lifter
Handles Porous Loads

Lifting Pallets

Lifting Metal Castings

Lifting Automotive Mufflers

Lifting Plastic Pallet Containers

VT160-2.5-A with T1-060190-A1B8

Lifting Toilet Bowls

Lifting Ventilation Systems

Lifting Electronic Components

Lifting Wrapped
Cubicle Walls

Lifting Tanks

Lifting Tubs

Handling Electrical Enclosures
ANVER Custom Three Pad Attachment with Quick Release for VT Systems for Lifting Ceramic Toilet Molds up to 100 lb (45 kg)
Handling Toilet Molds
ANVER Custom Five Pad Attachment for VT Systems for Lifting Computer Chassis
Custom Five Pad Attachment
Lifting and Packing Metal Electrical Enclosures into Cartons, then Palletizing the Closed Cartons
Lifting and Packing Metal Enclosures
Vacuum Tube Lifter with Pad Attachment Positioning Guides for lifting Sheet Metal Trays
Lifting Metal Trays
ANVER Pallet Lifting Attachment for Vacuum Tube Lifters
Lifting Rubber Bails
Lifting and Packing Furniture
Packing Furniture
Vacuum Tube Lifter with Foam Seal Pad Attachment for Uneven Load Surfaces
Lifting Uneven Loads

Lifting Cylindrical Objects of Varying Sizes
ANVER Vacuum tube Lifter with Dual Bag Head Attachment
Dual Bag Head

Tube Lifter with Compressed
Air Powered Vacuum Attachment
ANVER Vacuum Tube Lifter with Six Pad Attachment for Lifting Clay Blocks up to 215 lb (97 kg)
Lifting Multiple Objects
Vacuum Tube Lifter with Extended Length Handle, Universal Swivel, and Vacuum Pad Extension
Extended Handle and
Pad Extension

Handling Vinyl Rolls or Small Cartons
ANVER Vacuum Tube Lifter with Special Dual Pad Attachment with Extensions
Handling Batteries
and their Cartons

Handling Irregularly Shaped Loads
ANVER Vacuum Tube Lifting System with Compressed Air for Lift Release Assist
Compressed Air Powered

Release and Lift Assist Valve

Handling Stone Blocks