Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems
Typical VT System Installations


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Examples of Typical Vacuum Tube Lifter Installations
Vacuum Tube Lifter with Overhead Bridge and Ceiling Mounted Vacuum Station
Palletizing Cartons
Free Standing Work Station Crane with VacuumTube Lifter
Packing and Lifting Cartons
Multiple Vacuum Tube Lifter Installation with Overhead Mounted Vacuum Pumps
Palletizing Cartons with Extended Length Handles
Typical Tube Lifter Application
Palletizing Cartons
Multiple Vacuum Tube Lifters Installation with Ceiling Mounted Vacuum Pumps
Palletizing Cartons
Typical Vacuum Tube Lifting System Setup for Palletizing Caseloads
Palletizing Cartons
Free Standing Workstation Bridge Crane with Multiple Vacuum Tube Lifters
Palletizing Cartons
Palletizing Cartons, Two at a Time

Palletizing 5-Gallon Paint Pails

Three at a Time

VT Unit Handling Fiber
Drums in Lab Clean Room

Vacuum Tube Lifter
Handles Water Heating Casings

Lifting Concrete Blocks

Handling Large Boxes
Palletizing Boxes