Suction Cups, Vacuum Cups, Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Lifters, Vacuum Lifts, Vacuum System Components and Vacuum Lifting Equipment for All Applications – Trusted Quality Made in the USA since 1968  Made in the USA!

 A Full Range of Vacuum System Components, from Suction Cups and Vacuum Cups, Air, Mechanical and Electric Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Generators, and Ergonomic Vacuum Lifters, to complete Vacuum Lifting Systems. We are the leading North American manufacturer of Vacuum Material Handling Equipment, Vacuum Lifters and Vacuum System Components. Anver designs and builds its equipment in Hudson, MA, USA and sells worldwide.


Vacuum Lifters, Vacuum Lifting Equipment, Vacuum End Effectors, Sheet Lifters and Plate Lifters
Vacuum Lifters
of All Types


Vacuum Tube Lifters, Vacuum Hoist Lifters, Ergonomic Vacuum Lifting Systems
Ergonomic Lifters
Vacuum Tube Lifters


Vacuum Components,
Vacuum Pumps, Controls
Vacuum Cups



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Large Capacity
Vacuum Lifters

Air Grippers
for Bottles etc.


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Anver is continually improving all major vacuum lifter lines for increased reliability and safety. We build our products to be trouble free and long lasting.
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