Powered Vacuum Lifters
with EZ-Tilt for One-Person Manipulation of Loads – Horizontal and Vertical

You can choose a Vacuum Generator to use with multiple Pad Attachments or Lifting Frames.

New Modular Vacuum Lifters with EZ-TILT-3X3
Anver’s new EZ-Tilt Vacuum Lifters are designed to tilt and hold a load in place manually either horizontally or vertically. Designed for easy one person handling of small, thin loads quickly and efficiently. The unique quadro-link mechanism gives the operator a mechanical advantage so little effort is required to tilt in either direction. The lifter features a safety lock attach and release valve and long handles to keep the operator at a save distance. The lever handle can be bolted on the right or left side as desired. It is the perfect lifter for handling small, thin pieces of metal off the ground that have been cut off from larger sheets.This lifter helps to save labor and eliminates blocking or damage to loads.

Features and Specifications:

  • Maximum Rated Load: 500 lb (227 kg)
  • Pad Attachments and Lift Frames must be DERATED 50% for Tilting/Vertical Applications


  • OBA-1 Offset Bail Assembly: Allows bail adjustments to alter hanging positions to suit your needs
  • EZ-TILT-CW Counterweight Assembly: Allows the use of all single  round/oval pads up to 500 lbs. with EZ-TILT-3X3

90° Manual Tilting
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Horizontal Lifting
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Vertical Lifting
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Modular Vacuum Lifters for Horizontal Applications (Thousands of Combinations)
Step 1:  Select a Vac-Pack   Step 2: Select a Pad Attachment or Lifting Frame   STEP 3:  Select an EZTILT Adapter and Accessories 

VPFL4 AIR Series Air Powered
VPFL4 AC Series Electric Powered
VPF-57-Air Air Powered
VPF-57-AC Electric Powered
VPF-57-DC Battery Powered


Single Round Pads
Single Rectangular Pads
Single Round Foam
Single Rectangular Foam



Select from
Adapters and Accessories



EZTILT Adapter and Accessories
rfq Product Photo Part No. Description
EZTILT-3X3(500X375) EZTILT-3X3 EZ-Tilt Adaptor for Manual Vertical and Horizontal Tilting
OBA-1   Offset Bail Attachment, Adjustable for Standard Vac-Packs

  Counterweight Assembly for EZ-TILT Adapter

  • Used with all single  round/oval pads up to 500 lbs.


Vertical Lifting Frame Adapter
For One-Person Lifting of Vertical Loads Only


  • Max capacity 2200 lbs (998 kg)
  • Vertical attachment converts standard horizontal lifter to a vertical lifter
  • Pad attachment and lifter frames MUST be specifically designed for vertical lifting, consult factory.
  • Pad attachment rated for horizontal lifting MUST be derated to 1/2 the capacity for vertical lifting.
  • Unit weight: 18 lbs (8 kg)
  • For vacuum generator models: VPFL4 Series (Air or Electric Powered), VPF-57 Series (Air, Electric or Battery Powered)


Vertical Lifting
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rfq Product Photo Part No. Description
EZV-3X3 Vertical Lifting Frame Adapter, for 3″ x 3″ Beams
OBA-1 Offset Bail Attachment, Adjustable for Standard Vac-Packs


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