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Standard and Optional Operator Controls
  1. The standard operator controls work by squeezing the spring-loaded smaller diameter bar inside the handle slightly. The up and down movement controls the contraction of the main tube.
  2. Ergonomic lever control handle is spring loaded requiring the operator to keep a hand on it during operation.
  3. This design offers fast handling and attach/release with a trained operator.
  4. Controls include an adjustable 'Load' and 'No-Load' valve on the control box to allow for precise positioning of specific weight loads.

Standard Controls

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All ANVER VT Vacuum Tube Lifters can be equipped with a release assist valve, model VT-RAV-M-CV for the Mini size lifters and VT-RAV-S-CV for the Standard size lifters. The VT-RAV-M/S-CV valve will aid in the release of any load and is especially useful when handling loads that require extra effort to break the vacuum seal when attempting to release the load. The VT-RAV-M/S-CV is recommended for use with multi-pad vacuum tube lifters equipped with articulating extended length handles.

Principle of Operation:
The operation of the lifter for attaching and lifting the load is the same as for a standard lifter without this feature. To release the load, once the load is in its release position, fully depress the control lever, and tilt up the pad attachment to break the seal. If the seal cannot be broken in this manner, pull and hold the RED release knob while holding the control handle down. Once the seal is broken, and the load is released, release the control handle and the RED release knob, and the lifter will rise. Once the lifter is clear of the load, reposition the vacuum lifter to its working height.

Optional Controls
RAV - Release Assist Valve (VT-RAV-M/S-CV)
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The VT-RLV-M for the Mini-series VT vacuum tube lifters or model VT-RLV-S for the standard series valve, when used with a VT Vacuum Tube Lifter equipped with ANVER’s CA Compressed Air Assist option, can aid in the release of an attached load and lifting of the vacuum tube lifter and pad attachment off the load when the lift tube is in its nearly fully compressed state. This is useful such as when stacking loads above head with an extended length handle is a requirement.

The pneumatic release & lift assist valve option simplifies this step and eliminates the need to tilt the pads to break the vacuum seal. By twisting and holding the VT-RLV attach/release knob, the vacuum seal on the pads is broken, the load is released, the lift tube compresses, and the lifter rises off the load. Once the lifter is clear of the load, releasing the selector switch allows the tube lifter to be lowered to its normal working height.

Principle of Operation:
The operation of the vacuum tube lifter for attaching and lifting the load is the same as for a vacuum tube lifter without this option. However, with a standard tube lifter, it is necessary to tilt up the pad attachment to break the vacuum seal in order to release the load. With an extended length handle and a nearly fully compressed lift tube (encountered in high load stack height operations), this can be difficult to accomplish.

RLV - Release & Lift Assist Valve (VT-RLV-M/S)
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ANVER VT Vacuum Tube Lifters can be supplied with an internal compressed air line to provide an auxiliary source of power to the tube lifter control head. When connected to a source of clean, dry compressed air with a recommended maximum of 90 psi, the air-line outlet at the tube lifter control head provides pneumatic power that can be used to assist in load handling by powering vacuum head attachments such as venturi vacuum generators, pneumatic rotators and tilters, or to actuate a valve to close off vacuum flow to the vacuum pads and assist in releasing loads in high stacking applications. The internally coiled air-line is rotary coupled to the tube lifter top swivel to provide full, unimpeded 360° rotation of the lift tube.

The CA Compressed Air Assist option, available for all VT Vacuum Tube Lifters, must be incorporated in the assembly at time of order and is not available in kit form as an add-on. Custom and standard vacuum lifting attachments are available from our extensive inventory of vacuum attachments for boxes and cartons, bags and sacks, sheet, coils and rolls. Contact the factory or your ANVER dealer for further product information.

CA – Compressed Air Assist Option