VM Series Lift Systems – Low Flow  (Small Compact Loads)
Integrated Ergonomic Vacuum-Hoist Lifting System

The VM Vacuum Lifter can handle most load surfaces of non- to semi-porous materials and is ideal for repetitive production line use, such as lifting and loading products into a box. A compressed air venturi provides the suction necessary for load holding; a rugged, electric chain hoist is used for load lifting. The chain hoist provides secure up/down movement, eliminating the possibility of load suspension failure during movement. This allows the load to hang exactly in position when set in place, with no drift. Double rocker switches for up/down hoist control as well as dual vacuum attach/release valves allow for either left- or right-hand operator control.

  • The VM Vacuum-Hoist Lifting System is a compact, easy to use, fully integrated ergonomic lifting system for small load handling.

  • The VM Lifter is ideal for loading products into boxes where high air-flow is not required.

  • The high vacuum level (24″ Hg) makes it perfect for attaching to and lifting loads with limited surface attachment areas.

  • Load attach and release is instantaneous, as the vacuum pump and controls are located at the vacuum attachment head.

  • A vacuum pad quick-disconnect feature is standard and allows for fast pad attachment changeovers for greater system load handling versatility.

  • Dual speed electric chain hoists are available with compressed air venturi vacuum generator.

  • The VM Vacuum-Hoist Lifting System is ideal for lifting and handling non-porous or semi-porous heavy, dense loads weighing up to 550 lb (250 kg) that are within arm’s reach of the operator.

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