Vacuum Cup and Suction Cup Mounting
Level Compensators, Mounting Suspensions, Ball Swivels Slides, and Crossarms for All Styles of Vacuum Cups

ANVER offers a large selection of accessories to attach virtually any vacuum cup to your system. Whether you are replacing your worn vacuum cups or building a complete vacuum lifting system, our wide range of high-quality components make it easy and economical to find the best solution for your material handling needs.

Main Universal Level Compensator Suspensions
VP Mid-Size Suspension Assemblies

Vacuum Suspensions for Universal Series Vacuum Cups

SLSA-1 Small Cup Level Compensators 5M 10-32

Vacuum Suspensions for Universal Series Vacuum Cups

SLSA-2 Medium Cup Level Compensators G 1/8,3/8,1/2 

SLSA Spring Loaded Suspension Rods

SLSA-3/4 Large Cup Level Compensators 1/4″ NPT, G 3/8

SLSA Spring Loaded Suspension Rods

Complete Assemblies

SLSA Spring Loaded Suspension Rods

Suspension Adapters Only

Mounting Brackets and Hangers  Fittings 

Non-Rotating SLSA Suspension Set-up Example with Links

Adjustable SLSA Level Compensator
Mounting Brackets

ANVER Adjustable Brackets For Various Suspension Rods

 Adjustable Brackets for SLSA-1 and 2 Level Compensators

Overview of Vacuum Component Fittings

Vacuum Cup Fittings
and Components

Other Level Compensator Suspensions Used for Small Cups (Odds & Ends)

ANVER New Suspension Rods
Side Ported Spring Level Compensator Suspensions


Ball Swivel Connectors