Vacuum Cups and Suction Cups

ANVER P-Series Suction Cups, Vacuum Cups and Vacuum System Components

New larger stock quantities made in brand new molds to meet growing demand! ANVER now offers 350+ replacement suction cups and vacuum cups that can directly interchange with or replace P-Style products at lower prices. All items are dimensionally identical for exact replacement. As we use the the highest quality rubber compounds and latest mold technology the fit and finish of our cups is top quality. The linked pages below feature the cups in large clear photos (click on the thumbnail size photos on each page) so you can see the quality. You will see it is possible to get a better product and save money.


B 1.5 Bellows Cups B 3.5 Bellows Cups BL Multiple Bellows Cups D Deep Cups
Generic B Series Bellows Vacuum Cups and Suction Cups
B 1.5 Series Bellows Vacuum Cups

B 3.5 Series Bellows Vacuum Cups
Generic BL Series Multiple Bellows Vacuum Cups and Suction Cups
BL Series Multiple Bellows Vacuum Cups
Generic D Series Deep Vacuum Cups and Suction Cups
D Series Deep Vacuum Cups
F Flat Cleated Cups U Flat Universal Cups FP Flat Ring Cups Cup Fittings
Generic F Series Flat Vacuum Cups and Suction Cups
F Series Flat Vacuum Cups
Generic U Series Universal Vacuum Cups and Suction Cups
U Series Universal Vacuum Cups
Generic Specialty Vacuum Cups
FP Series Flat Vacuum Cups
Generic Vacuum Cup and Suction Cup Fittings
Vacuum Cup Fittings
P Foam Seal Cups Valve Cups Comparison Suspensions
Generic versions of OP Vacuum Cups
P Series Foam Vacuum Cups
ANVER Flat Vacuum Cups with Valves
Flat Vacuum Cups with Valves
Generic Vacuum Cup Competitive Comparison
ANVER Vacuum Cup vs P Brand
A-3350068 & A-3350069
Vacuum Cup Level Compensators

While black neoprene (NEO) versions are identical, ANVER’s silicone (SIT) versions are one step up in quality. Rather than using a red silicone containing a dye as P-Style uses, ANVER supplies a clear, translucent silicone which is dye-free, non-marring and food-grade approved.

Note: The FC, BF and OC Series Vacuum Cups are currently under development and will be available shortly.


ANVER Vacuum Components Interchangeable with P-Style Products
Multi-Stage MSP Series Vacuum Pumps with External Silencer
Multi Stage Vacuum Pumps

Plastic Filters
ANVER Metal Vacuum Filters
Metal Filters
ANVER Porous Vacuum Mufflers
Porous Mufflers
ANVER Hi-Tech Vacuum Gauges
Vacuum Gauges
Tubing for Push-To-Connect Fittings PC Series (Clear)
Vacuum Hose
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Other ANVER Vacuum and Suction Cups
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All ANVER products contained herein are fully interchangeable with P-Style products. ANVER’s products are proprietary to ANVER and are of equal or higher quality than the corresponding P-Style product. In most cases the visual and functional difference between these parts are indistinguishable. As with all ANVER products, these vacuum cups, suction cups and vacuum components are built to exceed or match the competition and to offer you a higher value.



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