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Standard Features of Vacuum Tube Lifters

ANVER VT Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems are ergonomic lift assist devices that are easy to use, simple to maintain and require minimal operator training.

The following standard items are included with every ANVER VT Vacuum Tube Lift System:

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An ergonomically designed control handle has made the unit a favorite among operators. The control is activated by simply squeezing the lever with the thumb and fingers in a natural grasping motion. The operator’s hands and fingers remain unrestrained throughout the handling process, with no unnatural motions or straining required to operate the lifter. Repetitive stress injuries, often caused by unnatural twisting of wrists and push-pulling of locked-in fingers, required to operate competitive controls, are eliminated.
The operator controls the system vacuum via two vacuum valves with adjusting knobs on the control head. The NO-LOAD valve sets the horizontal height of the tube lifter for attaching to the load. The LOAD valve sets the height to which the load is raised after attachment. Once set, the system continually returns to these height levels for the duration of the operation allowing precise positioning of specific weight loads.
Only ANVER VT Tube Lift Systems are equipped with a vacuum gauge on the control head to readily indicate to the operator the system vacuum level during the lifting operation. This innovative feature helps to make an ANVER VT Tube Lift System the safest to operate in the industry.
A redesigned conical flow valve allows the operator to precisely control the vacuum power, resulting in a much smoother, more user-friendly control than competitive units. This exclusive ANVER design feature allows our VT tube lift systems to more smoothly handle a wider range of load capacities than any competitive brand.
A Power Loss Safety Check Valve built into the 360-degree top swivel slowly lowers the load if power supply to the vacuum pump is interrupted.
External surfaces combine stainless steel, anodized aluminum and nylon components, all FDA approved for washdown and food service applications. The control head is manufactured using electro-polished heavy gauge stainless steel for corrosion resistance.
Using available adapters, existing ANVER Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems can be upgraded to larger sizes in the field.
The top swivel mount is made of stainless steel and features a vacuum-tight totally sealed bearing for full 360-degree rotation.
Item for item, ANVER offers the highest quality vacuum tube lifting system, which is the key to our continuing success. We invite direct comparison to any competitive system. Our VT system’s heavy gauge micro-polished stainless-steel construction, along with the finest control valves, pumps, pads, hose and filters available, all combined with our economical prices, have rapidly made ANVER the standard in the industry.