Bottle Gripper Head Solutions from ANVER Corp. Address Demanding Manufacturing Challenges
Pneumatic-Powered Bottling Pick-Up Grab Heads for Use with Major Lines of New or Replacement Bottling Machinery



ANVER Corporation, a leader in vacuum handling technology, announces its line of pneumatic-powered bottling pick-up heads for robotic and automation equipment, utilizing inflatable bladders and pneumatically actuated mechanical grippers to gently grasp bottles from the inside or the outside.

These end-of-arm tool (EOAT) pick-up heads are designed for high-speed, controlled pick-and-place assembly. They feature pliable, non-marring elastomeric bladders that inflate using minimal pressure to pick up bottles and containers from either inside the open mouth or outside the neck. The internal air bladder, or piston actuator, used to grip the neck of a bottle or container is achieved by using a three-way valve and less than 30 psi of compressed air, which will not crush or break material. A simple air control valve releases the grip with agile precision, completing the instant attach-and-release processing cycle.

Offered in a wide range of FDA-approved materials, styles, and sizes, ANVER’s pick-up heads work well with filled or empty glass or plastic bottles. They are an excellent solution to lift, move, pack, and unpack bottles or similar objects of varying sizes and shapes, and they are perfect for use in the food, soft drink, beer, wine, spirits, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

ANVER’s end-effector pick-up heads are compatible with all major lines of pick-and-place bottling and packaging systems. Constructed of high-impact plastic, aluminum, elastomer, and stainless parts, these bottle grabs are light-weight yet durable. Replaceable bladders extend the life of the system.

Based on the application, ANVER’s dedicated sales engineers can help customers find the most suitable design for optimized efficiency and value. ANVER also offers a complete line of labeling and other components for a comprehensive bottle handling solution.

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