Vacuum System Components
Vacuum Control Module

ANVER Corporation, a leader in vacuum handling technology, introduces its innovative Vacuum Control Module (MCU, micro control unit) that combines safety and efficiency for its vacuum lifters.

The modern safety features conveniently control all vacuum pump functions on the front panel and is fitted with a standard 95+ decibel audible vacuum leakage warning system and color-coded safety lights to increase safety and reduce danger. The Vacuum Control Module (MCU) houses all the required vacuum generator controls in one sturdy unit, including safety indicator lights and the VLS-03E audible vacuum leakage warning system. The VLS-03E sounds an alarm if a slow vacuum leak is present and the vacuum level drops to a pre-determined set point. All gauges, safety lights, and power switches are mounted on the front MCU for efficiency, easy visibility and accessibility.

Additional safety features include a dual redundancy safety interlock Lock-out Lifting Bail for horizontal lifters where the bail is the master, this means that the pendant has attach and release buttons that lockout when the lifter is in the air and the bail is in tension. The pendant interlock will not change the vacuum state until the lifter has been safely placed on the ground.

A vacuum transducer is used through an A/D converter and a Pic MCU to control the Lock-out Lifting Bail and two button pendant safety control to monitor atmospheric pressure and compensate to insure adequate vacuum at altitude.