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Battery Vac-Pack Stations


Self-contained vacuum stations with high-flow vacuum pumps and energy saver circuitry are perfect for custom jigs, special lifters, hold down clamping, and anywhere a large capacity vacuum station is required.

ANVER’s BAE10 Vac-Packs are suitable for handling non-porous to porous loads. Designed for use with a wide assortment of lifter assemblies, these high quality Vac-Packs are ruggedly designed for heavy production use. Units are available for heavy duty frames or for stand-alone vacuum stations.

Safety Features

  • Attach/Release Control Pendant with Safety Interlock
    Provided with “Attach” and “Release” momentary switch and the “Safety Interlock” pushbutton for two hand operation, a 10 ft. plug-in coiled cord, and a mounting clip

  • Vacuum Control Module
    A solid-state Vacuum Control Module combines all the required vacuum generator controls in one rugged unit. This controls all vacuum pump functions, safety lights, and is fitted with a standard audible vacuum leakage warning system.

  • Audible Vacuum Leakage Warning System (VLS-03E)
    Integrated electronically controlled vacuum leakage sensor monitors vacuum level and will sound an alarm if a slow vacuum leak is present and the vacuum level drops to a pre-determined set point.

  • Vacuum Retention
    The system includes an internal check valve to stop loss of vacuum in the event of a power failure (non-porous loads). A 30 gallon (6939 cu. in.) vacuum reservoir is recommended to assist in maintaining a safe vacuum level during a power failure (non-porous loads) or to provide with a longer safer period if a slow leak is detected to lower your load safety on the ground out of harms way.

Additional Features

  • Front Control Panel and Gauges
    All gauges, lights, and power switches are mounted on the front of the control panel. The two vacuum gauges on the face of the panel display the level of vacuum in the manifold and in the reservoir.

  • Indicator Lights – Front Enclosure, Left & Right Auxiliary
    Green light indicates “Safe” vacuum level.
    Red light indicates “Unsafe” vacuum level.
    White light indicates “Power On.”

  • Battery Charger (GC-CHARGE-20-2)
    Integrated two bank 20 amp (10 amps per bank) battery charger is designed specifically for today’s high performance, deep-cycle lead-acid batteries. The straight blade plug accommodates a standard extension cord using a 110V AC wall outlet. The charger is interlocked to prevent the Vac-Pack from being used during charging. A “Charger On” indicator light, located on the front cover of the Vac-Pack, will illuminate when the battery is charging.
  • Ergonomic Control Handlebar
    For GF(Series)T lifting frames, large loop easy to grasp handlebar enables the operator to easily and safely maneuver the attached load without touching the load itself. Handlebar can be adjusted for smaller size loads.


  • Electrical Enclosure Door
    All generators provided with hinged electrical enclosure door for easy access to electrical components

  • Moisture Trap / Air Filters
    Mounted outside of the electrical enclosure are (2) over-sized screw-on clear filter bowls for easy inspection and cleaning

  • Removable Battery Case Cover
    Standard battery case with strap and cover provides easy access to the battery, which is mounted on a rugged mounting bracket(s) bolted directly to the Vac-Pack
  • Battery Cable Plugs
    Allows easy connection and disconnection to and from the Vac-Pack during battery maintenance or replacement.

Vacuum Pump

  • The XX CFM rotary vane type vacuum pump is driven by XX h.p. 12 volt D.C. motor and generates 24” Hg. (at sea level) of vacuum. The ANVER Vacuum Control Module maintains a safe vacuum level by cycling the vacuum pump motor on or off as required, which extends both vacuum pump life and battery charge.

Battery Specification:

  • (2) 75 amp hour, deep-cycle batteries can provide continual operation in many applications.


  • Heavy-duty, rechargeable battery (AMG-12V-100): 100 amp hour batteries are available to increase operation duration or for heavy-duty application.


Specifications for BAE10 Series Vacuum Station

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Model NumberBAE10
Vac-Pack Voltage12 VDC
Vac-Pack Amperage40
Charger Incoming Voltage110-120 VAC, 50-60Hz
Charger Amperage3
Unit Weight [lbs.(Kg)]500 (227)
A Height [in. (mm)]19 (483)
B Depth [in. (mm)]26.5 (673)
C Width [in. (mm)]42.13 (1070)
D Mounting Holes.75 (19)
E Mounting [in. (mm)]21.5 (546)
F Mounting [in. (mm)]14.5 (368)
G Fork Pocket Length [in. (mm)]24 (610)
H Fork Pocket [in. (mm)]5.5 (140)
J Fork Pocket Height [in. (mm)]2.5 (64)
Vacuum Pump Flow [in. Hg (mmHg)]24 (680)



Vacuum Stations are easily transported via forklift
(Note: Electrical generator shown in photo below)