ANVER Corp Announces New Vacuum Powered Lifter-Tilter with Manual Rotation for Tubing

Compact, Below the Hook End-Effector Ideal for Lifting, Tilting, and Rotating Non-Porous Cylinders


Hudson, MA/ — The new Vacuum Lifter-Tilter with Manual Rotation is being introduced by ANVER Corporation, a leader in vacuum handling technology. The below-the-hook ETL10M2-OCMR is light and compact allowing one person to safely and easily position and change the orientation of non-porous cylinders, such as pipes or other tube-shaped objects.

Featuring a 90 degree power tilt operation with a 360 degree manual rotation, the orientation of a load can be changed quickly and easily during a process without disruption. Standard features include fully integrated pendant controls on the handlebar, vacuum gauge, ergonomic handlebar, safety lights, and VLS-08 audible vacuum leakage warning system that sounds an alarm if a slow vacuum leak is present and the vacuum level drops to a pre-determined set point.

The ETL10M2-OCMR can achieve effortless maneuverability for loads weighing up to 100 lbs. at 24 In. Hg. Min. for cylinders with a 9- 15 inch diameter. This vacuum lifter with tilt and manual rotation comes in an electric-powered model using 115V/1PH/60Hz, 7 AMPs or an air-powered model. Contact ANVER for further information and application requirements.

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