Vacuum Lifters
Energy Saving Vacuum Lifter Features New Rectangular Suction Pad

Vacuum Lifter Unaffected by Power Outages

A new version of their mechanical vacuum lifter which features a large rectangular suction pad for lifting heavy blocks of aluminum, steel, and plastic is being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The ANVER M250M Mechanical Lifter requires no external power because it has a self-cycling valve and piston that creates a powerful vacuum when lowered from a crane onto a load until the chain slackens fully and is raised again. Featuring a new 21” x 29” sealing ring suction pad which can be replaced in the field using a common Allen wrench, this energy-saving vacuum lifter has a 2,800 lbs. capacity for feeding cutting tables and machining centers.

Unaffected by power outages, the ANVER M250M Mechanical Lifter is totally self-contained and lets users pick up loads from the top which eliminates the need for magnets, hooks, or grabs. Standard features include all-welded steel construction, a vacuum loss sensor, and an audible and visual alarm.  Custom pickup head options are available to accommodate various loads.

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