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Ergonomic Vacuum Lifters Eliminates Back Strain and Pinched Fingers

ANVER Ergonomic Vacuum Lifter Eliminates Back Strain and Pinched Fingers

An ergonomic vacuum lifter that lets one person handle large products such as televisions, monitors, and appliances into boxes, without back strain or other injuries, has been introduced by ANVER Corp. of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The ANVER APF Series Vacuum Lifter lets one person handle a large product such as a television because of special vacuum pad attachments with articulating pads that conform to curved vertical surfaces. Eliminating back strain and pinched fingers, this vacuum lifter has an ergonomic handlebar, vacuum reservoir, check valve, filter, and leakage sensor and alarm.

Equipped with front-mounted controls and gauges, the ANVER APF Series Vacuum Lifter was especially designed to eliminate the need for two or more people when packing, transporting, and repacking large televisions weighing up to 1,00 lbs. These lifters can be electric- or compressed air powered and are available with a wide variety of pad attachments.

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