Ergonomic Vacuum Lifters
Handle the Loads You Want with Ease Take it from an expert, it works great on Dog Food bags!

An ergonomic vacuum lifter that features a new interchangeable attachment for handling different types of large paper and plastic bags with ease is being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.


The ANVER VT Series Vacuum Lifter has an easy to grip handle with up/down controls that can be adjusted to match an operator’s hand strength and provides a 100% continuous duty cycle. Featuring a new bag handling pad attachment, this ergonomic lifter lets one operator load and unload large bags onto pallets and conveyors without bending, stretching, or lifting.


Designed for handling bags up to 125 lbs (57 kg), the ANVER VT Series Vacuum Lifter allows companies to move larger quantities of material without concern for back injuries. Bag head attachments are available made from stainless steel or plastic. This ergonomic lifter includes a heavy-duty pump, wire-reinforced tube, and vacuum gauge.

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