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Pneumatic Pick-Up Heads Handle Small- to Wide-Mouth Bottles

Pneumatic Pick-Up Heads Handle Small- to Wide-Mouth Bottles

A full line of bottle pick-up heads that can fit into a wide variety of automated machinery for handling all types of plastic and glass bottles without damage is available from ANVER Corp. of Hudson, Massachusetts.

ANVER Bottle Grabs feature an inflatable soft rubber bladder that centers itself around a bottle neck and gently applies evenly distributed pressure to attach and release in milliseconds. Designed to prevent crushing and damage to closed containers because only rubber touches the bottle neck, they are ideally suited for small- to wide-mouth bottles and containers.

Constructed from a combination of field-serviceable high impact plastic, aluminum, and metal parts, various style suspensions and fittings, plus their soft rubber bladders, ANVER Bottle Grabs are FDA-approved and can be integrated into all popular brands of pick-and-place equipment. Individual grabs can be changed in just a few minutes by hand, to minimize downtime.

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