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Pad Attachment Handles Porous Loads

ANVER Pad Attachment Handles Porous Loads

An ergonomic vacuum tube lifter that features a foam pad attachment and a 100% duty cycle for safely handling printing signatures and other porous loads is available from ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

ANVER VT Series Mini-Tube Lifters can be equipped with a foam pad attachment for handling porous loads and have a quick-disconnect for changing to other types of general purpose and specialized vacuum pads. Featuring up/down controls on the handle with spring rates that can be adjusted to match an operator’s hand strength, these ergonomic vacuum lifters provide a 100% duty cycle and are available with up to 220 CFM air flow.

Eliminating damage to paper and other porous loads caused by mechanical grabs, ANVER VT Series Mini-Tube Lifters only touch the load with their cushioned foam pad attachments. Smaller and lighter than conventional tube lifters (1-1/2 inch supply hose), they are easier to festoon and have a 360° swivel on top for unrestricted rotation. Powered by a quiet 70 dB direct-drive vacuum pump, they can handle loads up to 150 lbs (68 kg).

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