Ergonomic Vacuum Lifters
For Safely Stacking Boxes

ANVER Vacuum Tube Lifter for Safely Stacking Boxes

An ergonomic vacuum lifter that is compatible with any overhead crane to let one person handle boxes and stack pallets without heavy lifting or back strain is available from ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The ANVER VT Series Vacuum Lifter provides a 100% continuous duty cycle and is compatible with any overhead crane system to let users move boxes from a conveyor to a pallet without manual lifting. Featuring up/down controls in the handle that can be adjusted to match an operator’s hand strength, this lifter is designed for handling boxes from 50 to 600 lbs (23 to 272 kg).

Powered by a quiet (70 dB) direct-drive pump, the ANVER VT Series Vacuum Lifter has a 360° top swivel for total mobility during use. Available with a wide selection of optional interchangeable pad attachments, this same lifter can be used for handling pails, bags, coils, and other items.

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