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Vacuum-Hoist Lifter Stacks Spools and Reels from the Side

A new, high air flow hoist-based vacuum lifter that is designed for picking up spools and reels from the side to allow “eye-to-the-sky” stacking is being introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The ANVER VB4 Vacuum-Hoist Spool Lifter uses a variable speed hoist for up/down and has a remote vacuum station to provide the attach and release power, with fully integrated fingertip controls located on the handlebar. Featuring a donut-style foam vacuum pad with two adjustable locators, this lifter is designed for rapid pickup and “eye-to-the-sky” stacking.

Powered by a remote vacuum station that provides a constant, high air flow for handling porous wood spools, the ANVER VB4 Vacuum-Hoist Spool Lifter is equipped with a vacuum gauge and quick-release lever. Providing positive holding power without drift, this ergonomic lifter is offered with 250- and 500 lbs. capacity variable speed hoists.

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