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Pick Up Layers of Products

ANVER Vacuum Tube Lifter Picks Up Layers of Products

A new multiple product pick-up head for their vacuum tube lifting system, that lets an operator handle an entire layer of products, emulating a fully automated system, is being introduced by ANVER Corp. of Hudson, Massachusetts

The ANVER VT-Series Tube Lifter can be equipped with a special pick-up head that features multiple vacuum suction cups, separated by Delrin® locating fingers, for lifting complete layers of containers from a box. Customized to handle specific types of containers, the vacuum cups can be supplied in many styles molded from Nitrile, silicone, vinyl, and other materials.

Built to customer requirements for the type and quantity of containers that need to be picked up at one time, the ANVER VT-Series Tube Lifter has a 360° swivel on top to permit unrestricted rotation. Providing a 100% continuous duty cycle, these lifters can have capacities up to 300 lbs.

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