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For Palletizing 5-Gallon Pails

ANVER Vacuum Tube Lifter for Palletizing 5-Gallon Pails

A vacuum tube lifter that is offered with a three-pad attachment to let one person easily palletize 5-gallon pails, without damaging the pail tops and seals, has been introduced by ANVER Corporation of Hudson, Massachusetts.

The ANVER VT Series Vacuum Lifter features a new three-pad attachment that lets one operator handle three 5-gallon pails weighing up to 55 lbs. each, simultaneously, without damaging their tops or seals. Providing a 100% continuous duty cycle, this vacuum lifter has an easy to grip handle with up/down controls that can be adjusted to match each person’s hand strength.

Eliminating mechanical grabs which can scratch the pails and break the top seals, the ANVER VT Series Vacuum Lifter can be integrated with a ceiling mounted gantry crane. This ergonomic lifter includes a heavy-duty vacuum pump, wire-reinforced tube with a protective cover for industrial environments, and a vacuum gauge. A variety of vacuum pad attachments are offered.

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