Hand Vacuum Cups and Suction Cups
Push or Slap-On Type Suction Hand Cups Used primarily for light sheet, lift and place applications

ANVER Hand Vacuum Suction Cups

These simple, hand-operated vacuum cups and suction cups are well suited for handling non-porous sheet and plate materials in the horizontal position. This is an old proven design used primarily for light sheet products. A typical application would be lifting light sheet from a skid to a table for example. Creates less vacuum than other hand cups such as the lever or pump action styles. Not suitable for vertical handling.


  • Instant Attach and Release for Rapid Hand Operation
  • Easily Handles Smooth, Flat, Air-tight Materials
  • Eliminates Possible Injury from Sharp Edges or Machinery
  • Low Initial Cost for fast Payback

Single Hand Suction Cup and Finger Suction Cups

  • Lifts loads safely. Powerful suction grips material and holds until released by hand trigger. Can be used for loading, unloading, piling and shifting material.

  • All rubber composition, two finger style assures secure handling for lifting medium size parts. One-finger style fits snugly in one hand. Can lift a variety of materials. Convenient vacuum tabs.

  • Comfortable and easy to use. One hand grips the handle and releases vacuum with a single finger-touch on the push button release valve.

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Item No.

Capacity at a 
4 to 1 Safety Factor
lb (kg)


Suction Hand Cup, Single 2-1/8" - One Finger HC-57 1.75 lb
(0.75 kg)
[4 to 1]
Suction Hand Cup, Single 2.25″ – One Finger
(Replaces A1230)
HC-77 3 lb
(1.3 kg)

[4 to 1]

Suction Hand Cup, Single 3.25″ (83mm) –  All Rubber
(Replaces A3825)


Caution: These suction hand cups are only designed for momentary hand use on small or awkward loads without other natural handles. Their indicated carrying capacities are for handling clean, dry, smooth, non-porous surfaces at sea level with clean, dry, undamaged seals, properly used. We state their carrying capacity conservatively with a 4 to 1 vacuum safety factor when correctly attached. We recommend not exceeding this as our carrying capacities are realistic in real world conditions.

We recently revised our capacities down but we feel you will find our more conservative ratings are accurate for what is safe in most applications. Along with actual load testing, vacuum hand cup capacities are calculated by a formula  based on determining the surface area (cup diameter) under a fixed vacuum level and then dividing by a factor for safety. If you see a competitive cup of the same size with more capacity, it is simply that the competitive cup has a lower safety factor.

These hand cups are totally unsuitable and unsafe for attachment to hoists, manipulators, fork-lifts or for use with any other lifting method or device. For such applications, please see our information on our Powered Vacuum Lifters and Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems.