Vacuum System Accessories
Vacuum Reservoir for Below the Hook Vacuum Lifters and Vacuum Automation Systems

ANVER’s Vacuum Reservoir can be used inline or as a single-ported auxiliary tank for faster attach. When used inline on non- to semi-porous loads, it adds safety in case of a power failure by increasing the vacuum in a system allowing more time to safely lower the load. As an auxiliary tank it greatly increases the speed of attachment if opened after a suction cup has seated on a load and the attach mode has been activated. This is achieved using special valve circuits. ANVER’s series of large vacuum generators use this system and come with built in reservoirs.


ANVER’s Vacuum Reservoir is made from sturdy 14 GA steel tubing and 11 GA end caps, welded to ANSI/AWS D14.1 specifications with a volume of 100 cubic inches (1639 cc). The 3/8-NPT port provides easy integration into a vacuum system. The 3/8″ x 1/2″ mounting bracket, longitudinally welded to the tank side, provides a means to rigid mount the tank within a system configuration.

This vacuum reservoir may also be used as a low pressure compression tank. It comes finished in a durable safety-yellow powder-coated surface.
(Maximum Pressure: 110 psi – NOT ASME Certified)

Volume: 100 cubic inches (1639 cc)
Weight: 4.15 lb. (1.88 kg)

ANVER vacuum gauge


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Item Number
Volume Height
3/8″ Fittings
for Clamps
and Hose
cubic in.


3D ANVER Vacuum Gauge Model # VG150-18PBM 28400138 100


NOTE: The finish on the fittings for clamps and hoses is being changed to brass. Until all the stock has been depleted, nickel-plated fittings may be shipped.