Vacuum Cup Competitive Comparison
Pigment-Free Silicone and Lower Pricing to Help Your Bottom Line

Comparison between P-Series Cups and Anver P-Series Style Clones

Left: ANVER Corp. Part # B50-Silicone
with 1-Piece Fitting A-3250035SA

Right: P-Brand Part # B50-Silicone
with 1-Piece Fitting 32.50.035SA

Similarities and Benefits

• Identical Fittings and Mounting –  No changes needed
• Same Part Number – No changes needed
• Fully Interchangeable – No changes needed
• Dimensionally Identical – No changes needed
• Exact interchange satisfies second source purchasing requirements
• Both companies product quality and dealers are excellent




• ANVER Cups are typically 18% to 24% less expensive depending on the item. • Substantial savings over the life of systems requiring multiple cup changes.

• ANVER uses Pure Translucent Silicone Rubber With No Dye.  Any colorant or pigment added to the silicone can leave marks due to high heat leaching and may defeat food grade compliance.

• ANVER Silicone Cups also meet FDA Title 21, and the higher German Spec of BGVV (BGA) Part XV for food handling.

• ANVER Cup has a Translucent Silicone Top ring as the standard for all cups with a single piece fitting.

• No need to specify ring material for the application – Silicone is standard.

Purchasing from ANVER gives you a new lower cost, quality supply with fast delivery and excellent service. And in the final analysis, you benefit by having two excellent sources for the same top quality part and peace of mind for machines designed for years of use.

ANVER is an independent American Company that makes its own line of suction cups along with generic replacements of P-Style and most of the other leading European and Japanese vacuum products. If you need a suction cup or vacuum component alternative please contact us with your needs. Engineering support is available to assist in your application or resolve any vacuum problem. Delivery on most items is right from our extensive stock. Our capabilities and products can save you time and money.