Vacuum Pods – Replacement Suction Plates
Vacuum Hold-Down Clamping Pods or Suction Plates for Vacuum Clamping Systems used on CNC Beds
Used in the Wood Industry for Vacuum Clamping during Machining, Sanding etc.

ANVER Vacuum Pod Covers are used for hold-down and clamping on Major European Woodworking Manufacturing Equipment.

ANVER AVP Series Vacuum Clamping Pod Covers: 

  • Top quality molding and materials yet at lower prices
  • Used on German and Italian woodworking machinery
  • Unique High wearing Material is equal orsuperior to original OEM
  • Guaranteed to outwear original OEM
  • Lowest prices available for a high quality version
  • Direct replacement suction plates for OEM – parts are dimensionally identical


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Part No. Dimensions
W x L

AVP-72X122 AVP-72X122
RoHS Compliant

2.91 x 4.90
(74 x 124.5)
ANVER Vacuum Pod

AVP-116X116 AVP-116X116

4.57 x 4.57
(116 x 116)
ANVER Vacuum Pod

AVP-107X138 AVP-107X138
RoHS Compliant

4.47 x 5.49
(113.5 x 139.5)
ANVER Vacuum Pod




Please contact ANVER if you need a different type or size of vacuum pod so we can accommodate you needs.