Disposable Vacuum Filters
In-Line Barbed Vacuum Filters

Miniature Quick Change Replacement In-Line Barbed Vacuum Filters.  Small, Lightweight and Available with either 10 Micron or 25 Micron Filter Elements.

Simply throw them away when used and replace with a new filter. These In-Line Barbed Vacuum Filters are inexpensive and small enough to be a disposable item.

  • Maximum operating pressure of 0.41 MPa (60 psi)
  • Weight is only 4 grams (0.14 ounce)

Inner material: Porous polyethylene
Outer material: Clear polypropylene

Drawing of Miniature Quick Change Replacement In-line Barbed Vacuum Filters

3D Content Central ANVER Part No. Description Tube I.D.
Polyurethane Tubing
Part No.
Notes 1/4″



Filter, 25 Micron 0.175
PC-T14 Standard – Available from stock PC-T14



Filter, 10 Micron 0.175
PC-T14 Special – Only available in orders of 5,000 units or more. PC-T14