Vacuum Pumps and Vacuum Generators
PMPE-28-2436-S Rotary Vane Vacuum Station

ANVER offers select models of high efficiency vacuum pumps specially designed for ANVER, and used as part of its vacuum lifting systems. These revolutionary rotary vane pumps offer a compact, reliable source of quiet, vibration-free vacuum. ANVER’s quality vacuum pumps are made from tough, high-strength materials for long life, and are lightweight and virtually maintenance free. Their highly efficient, state-of-the-art design has rendered the older designs of conventional side-channel blowers obsolete. Powered by high quality motors, they are more energy efficient, require less horsepower to operate than competitive models, and are offered in a variety of sizes to match your vacuum lifting requirements. Integrated suction filter, vacuum regulating valve and muffler.


Note: Vacuum Station includes the following fittings:

AA34X112AL – Hose Barb, 3/4″NPT x 1-1/2″Hose (Aluminum)

PHB34X1 – Hose Barb, 3/4″NPT x 1″Hose (Polypropylene)

Voltage Available Phase Cycle
Dual Voltage: 230/460
Single Voltage: 208V
3 phase 60
Single Voltage: 400V 3 phase 50

Notes: *Refer to the pump specification label for actual ratings. Data listed in the table below is subject to change. Before using the pump, confirm that your operating requirements are compatible with the data on the pump specification label.

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Model No.PMPE-28-2436-S
A [in. (mm)]11.7 (297)
B [in. (mm)]22.25 (565)
C [in. (mm)]10.75 (273)
D [in. (mm)]8.66 (220)
E [in. (mm)]7.48 (190)
Pump Weight [lbs (kg)]91 (42)
Power at 50/60Hz [HP (Kw)]1.7 (1.26) / 2.0 (1.49)
Flow at 50/60Hz [SCFM (m3/hr)]23.5 (39.9) / 28.3 (40.1)
Maximum Vacuum [in. Hg (mbar)]25.4 (860)
Sound [dB]67 / 72
Amps @ 230/460 VAC* at 60Hz
5.8 / 2.9
Amps @ 208 VAC* at 60Hz
Amps @ 400 VAC* at 50Hz
3.1 / 3.3