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Model Number A-3116040

Electric Vacuum/Pressure Switch Model Number A-3116040ANVER’s A-3116040 Vacuum/Pressure Switch is designed for heavy-duty applications requiring accuracy and a wide vacuum range with a NEMA 1 Enclosure. A shroud covers the internal wires, while the calibration dial is easily accessible.





Part NumberDirect Replacement for P-Style Switch NumberSchematic
A-3116040EVS54  (31.16.040)
A-3116040 Side Views



Specifications for A-3116040 Vacuum/Pressure Switch

Vacuum Range0 to 30 inHg
OutputSPDT Switch
EnclosureNEMA 1
Pressure Connection360 Aluminum Alloy 
Current15 Amps
Voltage125/250/480 Vac
DifferentialFixed (1.5 to 3.5 inHg)
Max. Pressure50 psi