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Model Number A-3116041

Vacuum/Pressure Differential Switch Model A-3116041

ANVER’s A-3116041 Vacuum/Pressure Differential Switches are activated when a bellows, diaphragm, or piston sensor responds to a pressure change. This response, at a pre-determined set point, actuates a single snap acting switch, converting the pressure signal into an electrical signal. Control set point may be varied by turning the internal adjustment hex. (See adjustment below.)

Adjustment of A-3116041:
Remove vacuum/pressure switch cover. Adjust set point by turning 5/8″ hex adjustment screw clockwise (in) to raise set point, or counter-clockwise (out) to lower set point. Tension on adjustment screw can be increased  by tightening lock into it.

Note:UL Listed and CSA Approved


Part NumberExact Replacement for P-Style Switch NumberSchematic
A-3116041EVS100  (31.16.041)


A-3116041 Top View and Side View

ANVER A-3116041


Specifications for A-3116041 Vacuum/Pressure Switch

Vacuum Range0 to 30 in. Hg
OutputSPDT Switch
EnclosureNEMA 4
Pressure Connection1/4″ Female NPT, Nickel-Plated
Maximum Pressure30 psi
Current15 Amps
Voltage125/250/480 Vac
DifferentialFixed (1.0 to 2.0 in. Hg)