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JTSE Electronic Vacuum Switch

The JTSE Electronic Vacuum Switch converts the vacuum level into digital output for connection to PLC systems as well as into analog output for the on/off control. The JTSE Switch will allow continuous feedback and adjustment capability over a 0 to 29.5″ Hg range. This switch features a PNP Open Collector Output Transistor Configuration.  (For NPN configuration see ANVER Pressure Switch Model JTSE-NPN.)
NOTE: ANVER standard unit is PNP.

  • Calculation range: -1/0 bars
  • Overpressure: +3 bars


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The JTSE Electronic Vacuum Switch connects easily and conveniently to ANVER JB Series Vacuum Generators under the nozzle and muffler.


Specifications for JTSE Vacuum Switch

Pressure MediaNon-corrosive gases
Power Supply10.8 – 30 V DC, regulated
Current Consumption17 mA maximum @ 30 V DC
Transistor OutputN.O. 28 V DC, 80 mA Maximum
Analog Output1 ± 0.1 V~ 5 ± 0, 1 V DC
Accuracy At± 0.3% of measuring scale at constant temperature
Switch Configuration1 Adjustable hysteresis output – 1 analog output
Setting MethodAdjustable by Trimmer Pot
HysteresisA: 0 to 15% of the set value
Response time1 ms
Body MaterialsPolyacetal and polycarbonate
Dielectric strength500 V AC, 1 minute
Operating Temperature-20 to +70°C (storage: -20 to +80°C)
Operating Humidity35 ~ 85% RH (no condensation)
Electrical ConnectionCable (1.5 meters long) with 4 loose leads
Pneumatic ConnectionR1/8 male with M5 female port
Weight50 g