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Digital Vacuum/Pressure Control Switches

Model Number JTZSE4 Digital Control Switch for Non-Corrosive Gases

JTZSE4 Digital Control Switch for Non-Corrosive Gases

The JTZSE4 Digital Control Switch is a popular standard model for use with non-corrosive gases [compound and low pressure]. It is a compact multi-purpose compound pressure gauge specifically designed to cover negative to normal pressure. A rear mount bracket option is available.


  • Full 3-digit red LED display – gives a clear indication even in low light locations
  • Proven IP65 grade gauge body is suitable for industrial installations
  • Small, space-saving 30mm square face design
  • 2-point switch output with a total of eight operation modes possible
  • Analog output 1-5V in addition to the 2-point switch output
  • 8 different pressure units are available for selection

Digital Vacuum/Pressure Control Switch Specifications for JTZSE4

Sensor TypeVacuum pressure 101 kPa type
Type of PressureGauge pressure
Rated Pressure Range0 to – 101.3kPa
Set Pressure Range5.1 to -101.3kPa
Maximum Pressure Rating490kPa
Applicable FluidNon-corrosive gas
Selectable Unitskgf/cm2, bar, psi, mmHg, inHg
Supply Voltage12 to 24V DC % Ripple P-P 10% or less
Current Consumption50mA or less
Comparative Outputs
  Comparative Output 1
  Comparative Output 2
Standard PNP output
PNP open-collector transistor
• Maximum source current: 100mA
• Applied voltage: 30V DC or less (between comparative output and +V)
• Residual voltage: 2V or less (at 100mA source current)
Output ModesEquipped with 4 types of modes: hysteresis mode,
window comparator mode, dual output mode,
automatic sensitivity setting mode (selectable by key operation)
Hysteresis1 digit (variable in hysteresis mode and 2 digits when using psi unit)
RepeatabilityWithin ±0.2% F.S .±1 digit
Response Time2.5ms or less
Short-Circuit Protection Incorporated
Analog Voltage Output

Output Impedance: 1kW approx.

Output voltage:1 to 5V(over rated-pressure range)
Zero-point: within 1V ±5% F.S.
Span: within 4V ±5% F.S.
Linearity: within ± 1% F.S
Display3½ digit red LED display (Sampling rate: 4 times/sec. approx.)
Displayable Pressure Range5.1 to -101.3kPa
Analog Bar DisplayLED bar display in steps of 10% F.S. approx.
Operation Indicators
  Comparative Output 1
  Comparative Output 2
Orange LED (lights up when Comparative Output 1 is ON)
Green LED (lights up when Comparative Output 2 is ON)
ProtectionIP40 (IEC)
Ambient Temperature-10 to + 50°C (no dew condensation or icing allowed). Storage: -10 to + 60°C
Ambient Humidity35 to 85% RH. Storage: 35 to 85% RH
Temperature CharacteristicsOver ambient temperature range -10 to + 50°C:  within ± 1 % F.S. of detected pressure at 20°C
Pressure PortNPTF 1/8 female thread
MaterialFront case: ABS • Rear case: PPS (glass fiber reinforced)
Display surface: Acrylic • Pressure port attachment: Die-cast zinc alloy
Cable0.15mm² 5-core oil-resistant cabtyre cable, 2m long
Cable ExtensionExtension up to total l00m is possible with 0.3mm², or more, cable
Weight95g approx.
AccessoriesOne (1) Hexagon-socket-head plug for pressure port