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ANVER, a worldwide leader in vacuum material handling technology, offers a complete range of vacuum lifters and vacuum lifting equipment. Self-powered mechanical vacuum lifters, below the hook lifters, electric and air-powered vacuum lifters are all available in lifting capacities ranging up to 60,000 lb (26,600 kg) or more depending on your needs. Click here to request a quote for your specific material handling needs.

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Acrylic Sheets Cooler Panels Loading Laser Cutters Semi-Porous Material
Air Conditioners Cooler Units Marble Bath Tubs Semi-Porous Sheets
Air Cylinders Copper Bars Metal Doors Sheet Rock
Aircraft Panels Copper Plate Metal Enclosures Shot Blasted Steel Sheets
Aircraft Parts Copper Sheets Metal Ingots Sinks
Alloy Bars Countertops Metal Planks Slate Blocks
Alloy Discs Curved Glass Metal Plates Small Metal Plate
Aluminum Billets Curved Loads Metal Roof Sections Small Steel Plate
Aluminum Block Curved Plates Metal Sheets Snow Plow Blades
Aluminum Boxes Curved Sheets Metal Trays Spas
Aluminum Covers Curved Steel Parts Microwave Ovens Stainless Steel Sheets
Aluminum Discs Cylinders Mirrors Steel Alloy Bars
Aluminum Doors Cylindrical Objects Missile Skins Steel Bars
Aluminum Plate Domed Tank Heads Monitors Steel Boxes
Aluminum Plates Doors Motors Steel Cabinets
Aluminum Sheet Drums Mufflers Steel Containers
Automobile Hoods Electric Motors Multiple Boxes Steel Cylinders
Automobile Parts Electric Powered Modules Multiple Cartons Steel Doors
Automotive Panels Electrical Control Boxes Multiple Packages Steel Partitions
Bags Electrical Enclosures Non-Porous Material Steel Plates
Barrels Enclosures Oily Steel Sheets Steel Sheet Jackets
Bars Engine Covers Oriented Strand Board Steel Sheets
Basins Fan Enclosures Oven Doors Steel Strips
Bath Tubs Fans Ovens Steel Tubes
Batteries Fiberboard Pails Stone Countertops
Battery Packs Fiberglass Panels Paint Cans Stone Slabs
Beer Kegs Fiberglass Parts Paper Rolls Styrofoam Panels
Bent Glass Fiberglass Sheets Particle Board Submerged Steel Plate
Billets File Cabinets Patio Stones Sunroofs
Bluestone Film Rolls Pipe Table Bases
Boat Shells Filter Elements Plastic Cases Table Tops
Body Panels Flat Steel Plastic Containers Tank Heads
Bottles Fuel Tanks Plastic Jugs Televisions
Boxed Parts Furniture Plastic Pallets Textured Panels
Boxes Furniture Cabinets Plastic Sheets Tires
Brass Ingots Galvanized Steel Plate Plow Blades Titanium Bars
Buckets Gas Cylinders Plywood Toilets
Bulky Objects Glass Appliance Tops Polished Granite Blocks Trailer Body Panels
Bus Hoods Glass Backboards Polished Granite Slabs Tread Plate
Bus Parts Glass Doors Porous Loads Truck Hoods
Bus Roofs Glass Panes Printing Signatures Truck Panels
Cabinets Glass Plates Product Containers Tubs
Cable Reels Glass Sheets Raw Rubber Tunnel Sections
Cartons Glass Tubes Refractory Blocks TV Lenses
Cast Drains Granite Slabs Refrigerator Cabinets TV Picture Tubes
Ceramic Blocks Graphite Blocks Rims, Truck TV Sets
Ceramic Brick Graphite Slabs Rocket Sections Vinyl Rolls
Ceramic Coated Boards Headboards Rolled Goods Wall Panels
Clay Blocks Heater Assemblies Rolls Water Bottles
Clean Room Applications HVAC Units Roof Panels Welding Fixtures
Coils Ice Crushing Machines Round Bars Wheels
Compact Ingots Ice Dispensers Round Steel Plates Windows
Compact Loads Incubators Rubber Bails Windshields
Compressors Ingots Rubber Rolls Wire Reels
Computer Chassis Insulated Glass Panels Rubber Sheets Wood Panels
Computer Equipment Insulated Steel Panels Rubber Slabs Wooden Cases
Computer Monitors Label Rolls Sacks Wooden Doors
Computer Terminals Laminated Sheet Safes Wooden Planks
Concrete Blocks Lead Blocks Sandstone Wrapped Rolls
Concrete Slabs Limestone Sedimentary Stones Zirconium Bars
Cone Skins Limestone Slabs Semi-Porous Loads Zirconium Tubing