Vacuum Lifters for the Stone Industry
For Stone Handling Applications of All Types including: Granite, Marble, Graphite, Limestone, Sandstone, Concrete, Bluestone, Sedimentary Stone, Slate, Ceramic, Clay, Countertops, and other Rough or Polished Stone Surfaces


ANVER offers steel framed, production grade vacuum lifters for both smooth and/or rough stone handling. We build lifters which are solid, reassuringly safe and designed to be used daily. They usually weigh more than our competition’s and have larger, more durable components. We build with a 4:1 vacuum safety factor in the vertical and 2:1 vacuum safety factor in the horizontal position. ANVER lifters have a 3:1 or better structural safety factor. We comply with all US safety ANSI, ASME and UL regulations unlike imported units.

We have been building vacuum lifters since 1968 and have a modular line, which can grow with your needs. All parts are stocked here at our factory and are ready for quick ship even during the summer months when our foreign competitors are closed. You will not find a better value for a stone vacuum lifter.


“My team has achieved something one-of-a-kind and spectacular with this project that would be absolutely impossible without Anver vacuum lifters. Every piece has been lifted and set in a downward manner.

From my experience using Anver’s vacuum lifters, I am now starting to envision a new future, a new way, a new opportunity for us to design and build extraordinarily high-end stone projects using the dry-stone method while dramatically reducing labor costs and also shortening the timelines.

It’s a new way of doing stonework in the 21st century.”

Jon Aguilar – Owner, Heritage Earth & Stone


“This is very common in loading and shows the need to have the tilting lifter as they cut the parts on a saw, then set onto an A frame cart before transferring them here onto the CNC for profiling and polishing the parts. Transitioning is much smoother using the power tilt and control is excellent for loading and unloading high value parts onto and off of the machines.”

Customer using stone vacuum lifter to load granite countertops onto his CNC Stone Router



Gravity Tilters Light Powered Lifters Standard Horizontal Lifters
Air Powered Lifters
with Gravity Tilt

Small Light
Powered Vacuum Lifters

Standard Air and Electric
Powered Vacuum Lifters
Powered Tilters Powered Lifters with EZ-Tilt Powered Tilters w/ Rotation
ANVER Typical Vacuum Lifters and Tilters allow one operator to perform the tasks of traditional manipulators
Vacuum Lifters
with Powered Tilt
Powered Lifters with EZ-Tilt for Stone Applications
Powered Lifters with EZ-Tilt
For Lighter Loads

Powered Tilters
with Rotation
Mobile Attachments Vacuum Seal Types Ergonomic Vacuum Lifters
Vacuum Panel Handling Permits Installation without Straps
Vacuum Panel Handling Permits
Installation without Straps

Samples of Stone
Surfaces Textures

Vacuum Tube Lifters
Foam Vacuum Pads  
Foam Seal Vacuum Pads with Slip-On Seals


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