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Pad Attachment for Handling Rubber Bales

Rubber Bale Handling pad attachment which employs two seals attached to universal brackets that can each articulate 45° to compensate for irregularly shaped loads. Designed to keep loads level at all times, this ergonomic vacuum tube lifter eliminates the need for heavy lifting, bending, and back strain; or for two-person lifting.


Model #: VT180-2.5-A-B with 76400174
Description: Vacuum Tube Assembly with Custom Dual Pad Attachment
Application: Lifting & Handling Irregularly Shaped Rubber Bales and Semi to Non Porous Loads

Vacuum Tube Lifting System with Two-Pad Articulating Vacuum Attachment
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Part Number
ANVER VT Series Vacuum Tube Lifter with Pallet Lifting Attachment for Lifting and Transporting Empty Pallets76400174

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