VB and VM Series Combination Hoist and Vacuum Lifting Systems
DC Chain Hoist used in ANVER Vacuum Lifting Systems

VB Electric Chain Hoist Vacuum Lifting System

ANVER, in close cooperation with Demag, offers select models of chain hoists specially ordered for ANVER modifications, and used as part of its VB and VM Series vacuum lifting systems.  We do not sell standard Demag hoists or hoist spare parts which you can get from your local Demag dealer.


Model DC, a new generation of chain hoists. Precision quality with innovative features for added safety and serviceability.


  • Plug in electrical connections
  • Diagnostic service data
  • Integrated 3 axis motion controls
  • CSA approved
  • 24 volt pendant control voltage
  • Cycle and load spectrum monitoring
  • Upper and Lower limit switches
  • Slip clutch to prevent overloads
  • High safety factor for load chain
  • Gearbox lubricated for 10 years
  • State of the art controls
  • Long life low amp switching
  • Easily adjustable pendant height
  • Pendant or available with remote control

Load Capacity up to 1100 lbs

Gearing  All gear stages have helical gearing and are case hardened for low noises and smooth running. Each gear and hub connection is designed with a conical bonded press-fit connection. This means high resistance to vibration and insensitivity against load peaks. Gear lubricant is synthetic and does not require replacement for the normal life of the hoist.

Chain Guide –  Unique design is a self-centering, floating chain guide. Smooth and quiet, a 6 pocket sprocket is employed in models DC 1 & 2 and a 5 pocket sprocket is use in model DC5. The chain guide assembly is easily lubricated and accessible via the service enclosure cover.

Service Access –  The service enclosure cover is made of tough, flexible, impact-resistant plastic. Access to the following service-relevant components is possible:
1. Plug-and-socket connections
2. Strain relief (for power supply and trolley supply cables)
3. Collector for control cable
4. Chain set
5. Chain lubricationed.

Pendant – Always at the right height The new DC puts an end to “imaginative” – and potentially dangerous – solutions for extending or shortening the control cable length.
The DC is the first chain hoist fitted with a control pendant which can simply be adjusted to any height, at any time. That’s innovation in practice. Plug in connections, comfortable grip, micro-switch technology, safe 24V control voltage, and a 1000 lb rated strain relief cable are additional pendant features that add value to the DC hoist.

VB Electric Chain Hoist Vacuum Lifting System