Vacuum Tube Lifting System – Top Swivel Assemblies
Top Swivel Assemblies with Check Valve

ANVER builds excellent quality Stainless Steel Top Swivel Assemblies for our own vacuum tube lifter systems. We now offer these same assemblies as replacements for the vacuum tube lifter systems made by other manufacturers. They allow full 360° rotation of the lift tube and control head for easier load positioning. A built-in safety valve is designed to slowly lower the load if the power supply is interrupted. These are the best Swivel Assemblies available anywhere.

Some Key Features that make these the best:


  • All Top Swivels can be screwed on with specially designed threads
  • Large Diameter Ball Bearing Construction (not plastic shims that wear out like the competition’s)
  • Precision Machined in Electro-Polished Stainless Steel (not plated mild steel)
  • No Obstructions to Cause Turbulence or Noise (no sharp angles or bolts in the way)
  • Leakage Eliminated – Completely Sealed with O-Ring Gaskets (not just assembled with silicone rubber as with the competition’s units)
  • Positive Vacuum Power Loss Check Valve with rubber seals slowly lowers the load in case the power is interrupted

Top Swivel Ordering Information:

Product Photo Top Swivel
Part Number
Top Swivel
with Compressed
Air Option
Part Number
Description Control Head
(Handlebar oredered separately)
VTSW100 N/A Top Swivel Assembly, for VT100 Tube Lifters
for Compressed Air Option
Top Swivel Assembly, for VT120 Tube Lifters
for Compressed Air Option
Top Swivel Assembly, for VT140 Tube Lifters
for Compressed Air Option
Top Swivel Assembly, for VT160 Tube Lifters
for Compressed Air Option
Top Swivel Assembly, for VT180 Tube Lifters
for Compressed Air Option
Top Swivel Assembly, for VT200 Tube Lifters
for Compressed Air Option
Top Swivel Assembly, for VT250 Tube Lifters
Special Notes

VTSW130 Available by special order – Consult Factory

Our top quality construction is so good this may be the last Top Swivel you will need to buy. This is remarkable, as it is a key replacement item for the competition and considered a main wear item in their tube lift systems. ANVER’s Top Swivel Assemblies will almost certainly last longer than your tube lifter system. As we build these assemblies in large quantities, our prices are great, especially for a fully wash-down capable component.

ANVER Top Swivel Assemblies feature a 360° fully sealed ball bearing assembly that allows full rotation of the vacuum lift tube without leakage. Made of Stainless Steel, Hard Anodized Aluminum and Delrin Plastic, these assemblies hold up to heavy duty usage. The sides where the vacuum lift tube attaches have grip ribs for the tube to catch and thus keep from slipping off. Note that our elbow construction utilizes only smooth rounded surfaces to minimize turbulence and maximize air flow.

  • ANVER’s long rounded-neck design is now standard on all of our top swivel assemblies. The design provides plenty of room to fasten the vacuum hose, preventing it from pulling off.
  • The smooth round elbow greatly increases air flow by minimizing turbulence. The fewer sharp angles in your vacuum hose supply, the more flow can pass through the orifice, improving lifter performance. This is a basic law of physics.
  • Our ball bearing construction eliminates any effort to spin the tube lifter. They are a pleasure to use.