VP Series Rectangular Vacuum Pads
with Slip-On Seals

VP_Oval_ArrangementANVER’s VP Series rectangular vacuum pads are also available for use with our rigid or ball swivel suspensions. These cups have been designed using our 30+ years of experience in the vacuum handling field making them some of the most versatile and economical vacuum cups we offer.



  • Easy-to-install replacement slip-on seals make maintenance simple and economical.
  • Short lip seals attach quickly and evenly.
  • Standard Ball Swivel or Rigid Mounting on all pads.
  • Cleated bottom maximizes capacity – excellent for both horizontal and vertical loads.
  • The standard materials are Nitrile (NBR).  For more information on the materials, click here.


Custom Pad Attachment for Vacuum Lifter
Mounted on an Adjustable Slide
Mounted in a Fixed Position


Specifications for VP Series Rectangular Vacuum Cups:


*The cup capacities shown above are based on 24″Hg at sea level with a safety factor of two (2) in the horizontal (flat), and four (4) in the vertical (upright). Vertical Load Capacity is half of the listed Horizontal Load Capacities above.  Rated Load Capacities are estimated; actual capacity will vary based on the load surface and the level of vacuum.