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Electric Vacuum Switches with NO/NC Spade Terminals
Converts vacuum levels to electrical output


Electric Vacuum Switches with NO/NC Spade Terminals


ANVER Adjustable Vacuum Switches are ideal for conserving power, as well as, for controlling pneumatic and electrical equipment function.


  • Conserves electric power
  • Reduces pump and motor wear by shutting off systems at set vacuum levels
  • Controls auxiliary equipment, such as alarm systems and warning lights
  • Threaded vacuum ports on both ends
RFQ 3D Content Central Part Number Vacuum Range Schematic


VSEL-ADJ-NCNO (normally open) 15-30 in. Hg  

  VSEL-ADJ-NCNO-L (normally open) 0-15 in. Hg

(Pneumatic version shown,
scale is exactly the same)


Specifications for VSPN-ADJ Series Vacuum Switches

Current Rating 10A AC (0.5A DC)
Hysteresis Min.: 0.5 in. Hg
Max.: 4 in. Hg
Avg.: 3 in. Hg
Current / Voltage Rating 125/250 VAC, 0.1A @ 110VDC


Recommended Accessories

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Part Number Description

34000080 ANVER Vacuum Switch Connector and 18″ Cable Harness (optional) 
Wire Designations:
Black Wire = Common
White Wire = Normally Open
Red Wire = Normally Closed


Vacuum Fittings are available in various sizes for all connections.

Note: Standard size push connector is PTC1-5/32S for 5/32″ O.D. tubing.
Other sizes available include PTC1-18S for 1/8″ O.D. tubing and PTC1-14S for “1/4” tubing.

ANVER Vacuum Gauge Model # VG150-18PBM Vacuum Gauges to calibrate vacuum switches are available.



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