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VPE3-GEN2 Series with ANVER Vacuum Control Module & Safety Lock-Out

ANVER’s VPE3-GEN2 Series Vac-Packs are suitable for handling non-porous to semi-porous loads. Designed for use with a wide assortment of vacuum pad attachments and lifter assemblies, these high quality Vac-Packs are ruggedly designed for heavy production use. Units are available with heavy duty frames or for mounting remotely.

Safety Features:

  • Load Sensing Lifting Bail with Safety Lock-Out
    Pendant controls are only active when the lifter is lowered completely and there is no load on the bail.  This eliminates the risk of accidental release of a suspended load by the operator. (Feature not present on the VPE3-GEN2-RD Series, which is a standalone version, or the VPE3-GEN2-T Series, which is a tilter version.)
  • Attach and Release Control Pendant
    Provided with “Attach” and “Release” momentary switch, a 10 ft. plug-in coiled cord, and a mounting clip on the handlebar.
  • Vacuum Control Module
    A solid-state Vacuum Control Module combines all the required vacuum generator controls in one rugged unit. This controls all vacuum pump functions, safety lights, and is fitted with a standard audible vacuum leakage warning system.
  • Audible Vacuum Leakage Warning System (VLS-03E)
    Integrated electronically controlled vacuum loss sensor monitors vacuum level and will sound an alarm if a slow vacuum leak is present and the vacuum level drops to a predetermined set point.
  • Vacuum Retention
    The system includes an internal check valve to stop loss of vacuum in the event of a power failure (non-porous loads).  A 5.4 gallon (1247 cu. in.) vacuum reservoir assists in maintaining a safe vacuum level during a power failure (non-porous loads).

Additional Features:

  • Front Control Panel and Gauges
    All gauges, lights, and power switches are mounted on the front of the control panel. The two vacuum gauges on the face of the panel display the level of vacuum in the manifold and in the reservoir.
  • Indicator Lights – Front, Left & Right Side
    Green light indicates “Safe” vacuum level.
    Red light indicates “Unsafe” vacuum level.
    White light indicates “Power On.”
  • Ergonomic Control Handlebar
    Easy to grasp, large loop handlebar enables the operator to easily and safely maneuver the attached load without touching the load itself. Handlebar can be adjusted for smaller size loads.
  • Twist-Lock Power Cord Connector
    The twist-lock receptacle prevents accidental disconnection from the power source.  Both male and female halves are supplied.


  • Front & Rear Panel Cover
    The front and rear covers pivot open for easy access to all components.
  • Air Filter
    Over-sized air filter provided inside of front cover features a screw-on clear filter bowl for easy filter inspection and cleaning.

Vacuum Pump(s):

  • All vacuum pumps have thermal overload protection and require 115V/1PH/60Hz* incoming power unless otherwise specified. Operating temperature for each pump: 35°F to 135°F (1.7°C to 57.2°C]
  • Standard [Code D8D]: (2) Oil-less dry piston pump. Each has a 3/4 horsepower pump motor capable of generating 8.0 CFM/pump.  Other pump configurations are available. Contact ANVER for further information and application requirements.


  • Optional Moisture Traps (WT-VP3-[Series])
    For damp applications: prevents saturation of filter and possible damage to pump. Not for handling wet loads. Mounts on vacuum manifold.
  • *Optional Generator Configurations and Voltages Available:
    In reference to our standard line of Vac-Packs noted above, other configurations, voltages and set-ups are available. Contact ANVER for further information and application requirements.

Specifications for Lifting Frames and Pad Attachments:

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Generator Series Model No.VPE3-GEN2-LVPE3-GEN2-SVPE3-GEN2-HVPE3-GEN2-HDVPE3-GEN2-X
Rated Load Capacity [lbs (kg)]2200 (997)6900 (3129)7000 (3175)10000 (4535)10000 (4535)
Unit Weight [lbs (kg)]325 (148)325 (148)325 (148)325 (148)325 (148)
A Max. Headroom [in. (mm)]30.13 (765)31.5 (800)31.5 (800)31.5 (800)28 (711)
B Handlebar Height [in. (mm)]12.44 (316)13.81 (351)13.81 (351)13.81 (351)12.31 (313)
C Handlebar Width [in. (mm)]24.5 (623)24.5 (623)24.5 (623)24.5 (623)24.5 (623)
D Maximum Handlebar Length [in. (mm)]34 (864)34 (864)34 (864)34 (864)34 (864)
E Hardware Centers [in. (mm)]9 (229)22.38 (568)22.38 (568)23.38 (594)23.38 (594)
F Fits Tube Size [in. (mm)]3 x 3 (76 x 76)3 x 6 (76 x 152)5 x 7 (127 x 178)5 x 7 (127 x 178)8 x 6 (203 x 152)
G Vac-Pack Depth [in. (mm)]8.39 (213)8.39 (213)8.39 (213)8.39 (213)8.39 (213)
H Hardware Spacing [in. (mm)]N/AN/AN/AN/A4 (102)
Vacuum Level at Sea Level [in. Hg ]2424242424

Specifications for Remote Mounting:

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Generator Series Model No.VPE3-GEN2-R
Unit Weight [lbs (kg)]270 (123)
A Max. Headroom [in. (mm)]22.11 (562)
B Unit Depth [in. (mm)]18.35 (466)
C Unit Width [in. (mm)]25.38 (645)
D x F Hardware Mounting Pattern [in. (mm) Thread Size]12 x 8 (305 x 203) M20x2.5
E x F Hardware Mounting Pattern [in. (mm) Thread Size]14 x 8 (356 x 203) M20x2.5
Vacuum Level at Sea Level [in. Hg]24



13600036 C