GF-Series Heavy Duty Electric Powered Vacuum Generator Lifting Frames
10 Ton (9072 kg)

The GF Series generators incorporate the latest in sophisticated lifting technology for the handling industry, increasing speed, productivity and efficiency. Available in electric and battery powered. Vac-Packs can be replaced in minutes to minimize downtime in case of service. The GF-Series speeds production due to a large reservoir allowing the lifter to attach almost instantly, decreasing attach time. The large reservoir not only increases efficiency but also increases safety in the case of power failure due to the vacuum that remains in the system.


  • State-of-the-art Vacuum Control Module (MCU, micro control unit) which minimizes vacuum pump use greatly increasing number of hours between servicing.
  • Dual redundancy safety Lock-out Lifting Bail that eliminates the risk of accidental release by the operator
  • Attach/Release Pendant Controls with Safety Lock-Out
  • Front Control Panel and Gauges
  • Indicator Lights
  • Vacuum Retention
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Ergonomic Adjustable Front Handlebar
  • Audible Vacuum Leakage Warning System

For Electrical Power Requirements refer to individual vacuum generator series pages.

NOTE: Maximum lifter capacity and lifter weight combined can not exceed 22,500 LB (10,205 KG).

rfq Model No. Vacuum
[lb (kg)]
Reservoir Size
[Gallon (L)]
GF10TB10 BAE10 N/A 1/2 10  30
GF10T3 VPE3-GEN2 N/A  2x 3/4 2x 8   33.4
GF10T24 VPEHE24 800
1-1/2 24 30
GF10T48 VPEHE48 920
3 50 30

13600119 A

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